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Internet Marketing Thoughts and Ideas

How to Create Video Product in 7 Days

Most people get started online by promoting other people’s products and earning affiliate commissions. This is a pretty simple formula if you are brand new to the game. It is also the fastest way to start generating income. All you have to do is refer traffic to... read more

[Self Development] How do you Learn Faster?

In order to keep momentum in your online business you want to be able to start showing results as fast as you can. In order to show results and become a high performer you need to be able to learn faster. What not to do… People are transient about their learning... read more

Grant Cardone’s thoughts on Branding Yourself

This is one of the topics that Grant Cardone is passionate about and he often urges his students to work on branding themselves. Branding is very important if you want to leave your competition behind. In the video he goes over the importance of branding yourself as... read more